Romantic Comedies

The Love Payoff

He offered me a hundred thousand dollars to be his fake fiancée. I said yes.

Why wouldn’t I say yes? I needed the money. It’s not greed. It’s being savvy.

Plus, Leo isn’t the sort of guy people say no to. He’s tall, dark, and handsome – the sort of guy women go crazy for.

The hardest part of the sell? Convincing my loud, nosy Polish family that I’m engaged to a man—an artist!—they’ve never met. A man who won’t tell me why he needs a fake fiancé, except to say he picked me because he knew I wouldn’t fall in love.

I should’ve been insulted, but I wasn’t. I thought it would be easy, but it’s proving anything but…

The Love Payoff is a sweet romantic comedy with a smart heroine, an irresistible hero, and the answer to an age-old question: how much is love worth? The perfect vacation read, get your copy and start reading today!